I am Reynold Conger, a retired scientist, engineer, consultant and teacher. During my career, I slaved to help make the manufacture of pulp and paper more efficient and I taught science and math to high school students. Now I am retired. I run, serve as a lay leader at my church, garden and keep bees, but most important, I am an author. What was a hobby for me is now a serious retirement career. I have fun writing and hope my readers have fun reading. I also wish to use this blog to share some of my fun with you. Please excuse me if I occasionally get pulled off topic by some topic of interest.

The picture is of me and my wife at the top of a granite dome in Texas.

We made it to the top

We Made It to the Top

I know we look younger than our real ages, but that is us. To help you guess our ages, I will tell you we were born in the year of the “steel penny”.  My father come home from the hospital after I was born to find his draft notice (to serve in World War II) in the mailbox. Yes, most people consider us to be old, but we don’t think we are old. We are just mature.

Writing is easy if you are not worried about quality. Getting published is difficult. Out of frustration, I self published my first book, a thriller, Chased Across Australia. Tate Publishing published a Vietnam era romance, My Knight in Shining Armor. More recently, Kellan Publishing published Reducing Medical Costs (At the Cost of Health). This is fiction that highlights some of the risks of letting government bureaucrats have to much control over our healthcare. I have also started to publish a series of e-books called the Richard Tracy Series. These are the adventures of two senior citizens who simply want to enjoy the golden years together. He is a retired detective and she is a retired chef, but they just can’t keep out of trouble. Book 1 is A Dangerous Bike Ride. A third book, Dem Bones Will Rise Again, is currently under production. Other books are either in the works or in the process of being marketed to a publisher.

Information on all my books can be found in posts of this blog and on my website, www.ReynoldConger.com. I would like to become widely read, both to share my work and to earn a little money.

I grew up in Wisconsin. After earning BS and MS degrees in Chemistry, worked for 30 years in the pulp and paper industry. At the end of my career, I was an international consultant and made calls on every continent except Antarctica. I saw a lot of things and met a lot of different people. While I was consulting, I began carrying a laptop for business purposes. One of the downsides of international consulting is that frequently, I was stuck in locations with little TV I could understand, and few sources of wholesome entertainment. I ran a lot and learned to watch soccer matches with volume turned down. I also discovered I could write fiction on my laptop as a way to pass the time. Writing became a serious hobby that I now want to turn into a retirement career.

Eventually my wife and I moved to New Mexico for health reasons. Soon after, a bad global economy made my consulting practice unprofitable. With a demand for teachers, I taught high school science and math for 8 years, retiring in the spring of 2009.

My wife and I live on the northern fringe of the Chihuahuan Desert in rural New Mexico. (Note: Contrary to what many assume, New Mexico is a state of the USA and not to be confused with the country of Mexico.) We hike, garden, exercise and keep bees. Our two children are grown and have careers of their own.

My life has been enriched by a number of factors. I was a high school athlete who swam and ran. I continue to run. I have run a marathon. I have done some coaching. We have lived in several different part of the United States, and I have worked with different types of people making a variety of grades of paper. I have sung with a symphony orchestra choir. I have a private pilot’s license and flew a light plane for a while.

We are members of an Independent Baptist church. Both my wife and I were saved as teenagers. Through our married life we served in a variety of churches of different denominations as we moved from paper mill town to paper mill town. Currently, I am song leader and the teacher of the adult Sunday school class. My wife teaches a Sunday school class of young girls. While we are active members of that church, I see our greatest contribution to the Kingdom of God as the way we carry out our lives rather than in the things we do in the church.

I write from a Christian perspective because I have a Christian world view. I would that all the world comes to Christ, but the fact is that only a few people accept Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior. Thus when I write, I strive to portray the setting of a story as populated with a variety of characters, some Christian, some simply church members and others agnostic or perhaps antagonistic toward religion. I try to populate the story in proportion to the numbers of people in the setting. Most of the time I do not write stories that are Christian stories per se, but I strive to let my witness come through in the story. Perhaps some non-believer will be touched.

Reynold Conger

My books are  available through the usual outlets or physical copies may be purchased directly from me through my website, www.ReynoldConger.com.

Any of my books purchased from www.ReynoldConger.com will be signed.


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