Happy Birthday to Me

I know it is a little weird to wish oneself a happy birthday, but I have some readers who desire to know more about me. I will use this as an excuse to inform you.

Today, I am 75. I was born in 1943, at the height of World War II. My folks lived in the Rogers Park neighborhood on the north edge of Chicago. Thus St. Frances Hospital in Evanston, Illinois was the closest hospital. When my father returned home from the hospital after my arrival, he found a letter in the mail box from the president. It was his draft notice. GI’s joked about their draft notices being letters from the president because each letter started, “Greetings from the President of the United States: You are hereby requested and required to report to. . .”

My mother liked men in uniform so she made a uniform for me. There is a photo dated late in 1945 of me in my uniform holding my father’s hand. We both are wearing identical uniforms with sergeant’s stripes on our sleeves.

I grew up in Wisconsin in the post war years of the 1950s and graduated from high school in 1961. College and graduate school followed that qualified me to work as a scientist and engineer in the paper industry. I ended my career as a consultant to the paper industry. Then I taught high school math and science in New Mexico.

Our two children have left home for careers of their own, but my wife of 51 years and I live on a one acre lot on the edge of the high desert. At an altitude of 5000 feet, the climate is comfortable. It doesn’t get too cold in the winter nor unbearably hot in the summer. The humidity in the summer seldom exceeds 10% increasing the comfort. We maintain our health through gym work and aerobic exercise. My wife walks. My exercise passion is running. We maintain flower and vegetable gardens, keep bees, and are active in our church.

While I was traveling the world on consulting assignments, I began writing fiction to entertain myself. This became a hobby that turned into a retirement career.

I hope to stay physically active for a good long time, and I hope to continue my writing both for my enjoyment and for your entertainment.

Look at my website, http://www.ReynoldConger.com, to learn about the books I have published. There is a page called,”In the Works” on which I make comments about the stories I am working on. I also have a “Bee Page” with pictures of bees and short paragraphs about my bees. Again, this is for my enjoyment and for your entertainment.

Visit the website soon. If you have questions or comments, there is a “Contact Page” you may use to contact me.


About Reynold Conger

Reynold Conger is a retired scientist, engineer and teacher. Now writing fiction. His books are CHASED ACROSS AUSTRALIA, MY KNIGHT IN SHINING ARMOR and REDUCING MEDICAL COSTS (AT THE COST OF HEALTH). He has also started a series of novelas called THE RICHARD TRACY SERIES. Residence: New Mexico, USA Hobbies: gardening, animals and running. website www.ReynoldConger.com
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