Does Sexual Temptation Over Ride Loyalty?

The sex drive is strong. Does it prevail over fidelity, the promise of loyalty a man makes to his wife at their wedding? Tradition and morality says fidelity should prevail, but modern culture insists that a man should not ignore his sex drive.

In my book, Chased Across Australia, Jack and Jill receive word that their pregnant daughter-in-law is in the hospital. Jill rushes back to Sydney to be with her son and daughter-in-law. Jack is restrained by the local constable. Jack witnessed a shooting, and the constable does not want him to leave until the preliminary investigation has been completed.

That night, Jack goes to bed alone, hugging his pillow and wishing Jill were in his arms. He awakes to find a beautiful, young woman in bed with him. She attempts to initiate sex. I will not go further lest I spoil the story for my readers.

The question, men, is what would you do if you were to find yourself in such a situation. Would you enjoy her charms, or would you say, “No.” to a willing woman with a voluptuous body? If you had sex, would you feel guilt even if you wife never found out? What would happen if your wife found out?

I would like to think that I would remain faithful to my wife, but I can not honestly say what I would do if presented with such a temptation. Given the intensity of the male sex drive, I am thankful that the only woman who has ever slipped between the sheets of my bed has been my wife.

In a later post, I will have a question for the women.


About Reynold Conger

Reynold Conger is a retired scientist, engineer and teacher. Now writing fiction. His books are CHASED ACROSS AUSTRALIA, MY KNIGHT IN SHINING ARMOR and REDUCING MEDICAL COSTS (AT THE COST OF HEALTH). He has also started a series of novelas called THE RICHARD TRACY SERIES. Residence: New Mexico, USA Hobbies: gardening, animals and running. website
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